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Time until the North pole melts:

Our Manifesto

Gen Z Revolution

  • Gen Z culture rules the world we live in

    Gen Z will make up 30% of the workforce by 2030. Already this generation has fueled innovation by acting as an early adopter of new technologies and enabling their use for society broadly. This culture of conscious tech and sustainable sourcing will keep spreading as Gen Zs are to control growing amounts of currency.

  • Firstly, we are not to minimize the negative effects on climate change but we need to maximize positive impacts. Secondly, we need to integrate sustainability in the design of new technologies, rather than modifying innovations to be eco-friendly. Consumption is the first frontier of this change, as we fight our addiction to the world's exhaustible resources by re-engineering our pleasures and routines.

  • As a generation, we are more inclined to spend more towards the sustainable versions of the same products. We understand the power of casting a vote with our wallet, which entrenches our beliefs into a swarm of market signals, which aggregate towards a societal change.

  • As the role of the companies matures in society, it becomes apparent that market power and attention to social impact tend towards a stronger correlation. It is in the company's best interest to forge mutually beneficial relationships with all its stakeholders; as technology ceases to be a differentiator, competition moves on an ideological plane.

  • Connected natives take political underrepresentation seriously. The weapon of virality can transform an idea into a movement in a matter of days. This borderless faction has the potential to confront problems that a nation-wide approach fails to tackle: climate change, social discrimination, unfair distribution of resources. Companies are expected to stand by consumers, amplifying their causes and driving change unpromptedly.

  • The Red Flower Factory is a gear in the broader Gen Z revolution, which works towards building a society in which individuals are "flourishing": pursuing a society-wide state of positive psychology and social functioning and broadening access to a life that is pleasant, engaged and meaningful. We believe this is a goal worth defining in detail and chasing by re-thinking our products for a new generation of consumption.


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Gen Z Laboratory

We are a high energy hub, harnessing the creative potential and entrepreneurial mindset of Generation Z.

Disrupting Consumption

We aim to change the way people consume, forging better habits by crafting disruptive models.

Sustainable by Design

We create solutions that impact positively our lives on earth, globally.


Disseminated around the globe, creative cells of the Red Flower Factory contribute to our projects through specialist advice, cultural insight and inspired feedback. We created a network to extend the conversation of the future of consumption to entire Generation Z, lending them the ear of industry leaders who want to build the future with the creators of the futures.

Our Network amplifies our creative engine and ensures that our work is in line with the cultural values of GenZetters worldwide. It tests and improves our ideas while empowering us to reach out to talents that can help us breathe life to our products.

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Concept prototype

Shaping the future of your product or category requires untapped disruptive energy. We unleash Gen Z creativity in a high energy hub, balancing unencumbered experimentation with granular business cases.

Business Solutions

We start from a broad range of business questions: from personalizing at scale, to return and refill opportunities, we compose a daring proposition.

Sustainable Innovation

Unearthing the new, capturing the structural changes in the market and in society is our central goal. Gen Zs become a bridge through which we service an entire generation of consumption.

Global Expertise

We achieve a virtual prototype through an agile and disruptive workforce tackling unprecedented challenges. Through the Sevendots guidance of business leaders, we incubate the next unicorn within your company.


Our Exceptional Team

An interdisciplinary, interdependent and international team of excellences, embodying the five forces of the future, which we expect to see in our products, services and society by and large.







Embedded in Sevendots' Capabilities

As part of the Sevendots corporate family, we inherit decades of experience, to anchor the bridge between the past and future to the highest of business standards.

Sevendots is a global consultancy, comprised of senior industry experts, focused exclusively on helping Consumer Packaged Goods companies grow.

Merging strategic experience with unencumbered creativity, we unleash a disruptive energy that is aimed at helping business capture the opportunities of an evolving landscape.


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